Daily Programs

Infant & Toddler

Infants and Toddlers (6 weeks to 2.8yrs) are cared for in group ratios of 4 children to 1 caregiver. Cornerstone provides a safe and comfortable environment for your young child. Your child will be exposed to an enriching variety of age appropriate learning opportunities as they grow!


Preschool children ( 2.9 yrs. to 5yrs.) are cared for in group ratios of 10 children to 1 caregiver. The Preschool classroom is divided into the following interest centers: Dramatic Play, Blocks, Creative Arts, Language and Literacy, Manipulatives and Sensory Centers. This division encourages children to learn through play, how to sustain attention to task, express emotions and feelings, interact cooperatively with peers and engage in scientific inquiry! Not only, do the children have a great time exploring these centers, they are also preparing for Kindergarten by being involved in  lessons and experiences that teach basic skills and standards set by the Office of Early Childhood! These standards (CTELDS) were developed to foster cooperation between schools and families to support children's early learning and growth.


Enrichment programs provided by Cornerstone Early Learning Center include:  weekly visits for music from Ms. Deirdre, and monthly visits from our Dramatic Arts teacher Ms. Karen! CELC also has visits from community helpers and resources to make your child's learning experience hands on and exciting!