Daily Programs

Infant & Toddler

Infants and Toddlers are cared for in group ratios of 4:1. Cornerstone provides a safe, comfortable, fun and enriching environment for your young child. Your child will be exposed to a variety of learning opportunities while he/she learns and grows!


 The Preschool classroom is divided into interest centers to encourage free play  learning in different activity areas. While exploring in Dramatic Play, the Block and Art Center, Manipulatives and the Sensory Centers children are learning to sustain attention to task, express emotions and feelings, as well as, interact cooperatively with peers and engage in scientific inquiry! Not only are the children having a great time, they are also preparing for Kindergarten by being involved in  lessons and experiences that teach the basic skills and standards set by the Office of Early Childhood! These standards (CTELDS) were developed to help families and schools work together to support children's early learning and growth.


Cornerstone provides enrichment programs to our children such as; music with Ms.Deirdre,  and visits from the Maritime Aquarium and Critter Caravan! Preschoolers also experience field trips for special activities to the Norwalk Public Library  located right next door to our center and receive monthly visits from Ms. Marcia the Librarian for "story time" with craft in our classroom! We also go to visit CELC's Community Dentist at "All About Kids" Pediatric Dentistry, on Belden Ave!